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So you are looking to buy an outfit from us and want to know when it will arrive... heres what you need to know... 

Each item is hand made with love in our UK studio! We have different delivery options, depending on how quickly you need it. For the UK it's as follows: 

EXPRESS - This is usually around 3-4 working days.

STANDARD - This is round 2 weeks, this is our cheapest delivery option and is suitable if you are not in a rush for your order. 


Wondering wether we ship to your country.... the answer is YES! We ship world wide and have EXPRESS options also if you need your outfit quickly. 

Each delivery option is worked out on the country you live in, so we recommend adding your outfit to the cart and following to checkout to enter your address and get an exact quote. Don't worry you don't have to purchase if you don't want to. 

INTERNATIONAL Express Delivery 

Ireland- Made and Delivered in 2 Weeks

USA- Made and Delivered in 2 Weeks


**Please note if you do need to cancel an order please do so within 24 hours of placing the order. 

Any questions, just ask!